Last day to order April 4th!

Closed Until 18th – Filling Orders

Ordering has been closed and I am working on fulfilling orders. Please use the contact form if you have any questions. I will have some updates once I am through the orders and figure out a plan for re-opening. The main idea is to switch to only selling things pre-mixed because letting people order whatever […]

Status Update & Last Day to Order Apr. 4th

We’ve finally been able to restock and orders are flowing again. I know a lot of you are getting very anxious about your custom orders and you should have them soon. Some people have been trying to contact me by responding to the automated order emails or other things and this is not a good […]


PG3, We Hardly Knew Ye

Unfortunately, once I released information on this PG alternative, someone went through researching it and contacted the company selling it. Maybe they said something wrong and then it was decided they didn’t want to deal with ecig companies for “product stewardship” reasons. So, thanks to whatever producer of natural and organic e-liquids in CA who […]