Whole Tobacco Alkaloids (WTA e-Liquid) FAQ

Whole tobacco alkaloid e-liquid was created because people found something missing in regular ejuice.

It requires a special extraction process unlike what might be used for flavors. There are other alkaloids besides nicotine which go into the full experience. We enjoy ecigs because we get our nic fix without the burning tobacco, but nicotine-only liquid isn’t the same.

We’ve spent countless hours researching tobacco, trying to bring the best product for those who want a more satisfying vape. A trained organic chemist oversees the extraction and I have consulted with tobacco chemistry experts to validate the proprietary procedure we use.

This page will be updated with more info as needed. Please feel free to comment and ask anything at all.

One frequently asked question is about WTA strengths. The two available now are “Regular” and “Extra”.

As we have gotten feedback from users, we have refined the strengths down from 8 different levels. For a long time we had 4 and these are the new equivalent strengths:

  • Low
  • Medium (new Regular)
  • High
  • X-high (new Extra)

This is always a separate choice besides the mg nicotine. WTA is more than just a single chemical, so we can’t just assign a mg strength to it like with nicotine. We do take the known nicotine from the WTA and balance it with regular nicotine to reach higher levels vapers want. There is not a drastic difference from one WTA level to another and the price is always equal to the amount you receive. All strengths seem to be in a nice range compared to what we got from using other forms of tobacco.

In choosing a strength consider if you are still using traditional tobacco alongside ecigs. A lot of individual factors determine which WTA level will work for you, the same as all types of people use different nicotine levels.

How does it make you feel?

WTA often brings a calmness and relaxation compared to traditional e-liquid, even a “buzz” sometimes when first using it if you have been using nic-only juice for a while. This may fade away as you get used to it, the same as with first smoking cigarettes.

You should note that WTA, like all electronic cigarettes are not a cessation product. A few people who use strong painkillers or other anti-depressants have claimed that the relaxation effect is extra strong, so please consult your doctor before trying WTA. Regular users haven’t reported this effect, but it sounds similar to the feeling when we have tried up to triple the strength which is sold.

Why does WTA work?

The “half life” of nicotine, or time it takes to metabolize half the amount taken, is 1-2 hours. The half life of the other minor tobacco alkaloids is 4-12+ hours.

Although the weight of the minor alkaloids in tobacco is small by percentage (<5%), they have a synergy with nicotine and vapers report being more satisfied and not chain-vaping as much with WTA.

What does it taste like?

Extraction removes almost all taste, so any light, fruity flavor shouldn’t taste like tobacco at all. A few people swear that they can perceive a difference somehow still though.

This stuff is safe right?

We have an organic chemist on board and take all necessary safety precautions with extraction. We always know what batch of WTA is being used and document everything for repeatable procedures similar to ISO 9001 and FDA Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines for pharmaceuticals. All liquids are diacetyl-free and no artificial colors are used.

The worst carcinogens with tobacco use come from burning plant material, i.e. smoking. Since there are no long term studies on WTA yet, we really can’t say how safe it is, but we can compare the amount of carcinogens in it to other forms of tobacco. WTA liquid is in between regular eliquid or approved NRT’s and Swedish snus. Long term epidemiological studies on snus show it to be about 1-2% as dangerous as smoking.

We can’t guarantee that using any electronic cigarette product is as safe as just breathing clean air, but we do everything we can to try to reduce harm. We use additive-free tobacco and select from the type of tobacco known to be generally lowest in the type of carcinogen which is unavoidable in extraction (TSNA’s or tobacco-specific nitrosamines). TSNA’s are somewhat avoidable by selecting the proper tobacco though. Burning cigarettes creates more TSNA’s and the types of tobaccos chosen for cigarettes are chosen for flavor/price, while the tobaccos used for WTA are chosen specifically to be low-TSNA.

How can I use WTA?

Vape it the same as any other e-liquid. From time to time, we will offer unflavored WTA for DIY mixing. These blends are a little stronger than the pre-mixed juice to allow room for flavoring to mix down to your preferred level. WTA is not sold in a super-concentrated form where you can just take a couple drops and add to other non-WTA eliquid. There’s many reasons for this policy, the main one being safety and pure WTA are dangerous like pure nicotine.

Please let me know if you have any other questions at all about the product in the comments below!

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